Mount Baker Bicycle Club

Status of the Mount Baker Bicycle Club and the Chuckanut Classic, 2022

The Mount Baker Bicycle Club (MBBC), in Bellingham and Whatcom County, Washington, has been inactive since mid-2020, originally due to COVID restrictions.
Please read the following message from the MBBC board of directors and former president regarding current and future status of the club.

Dear friends and members of the Mount Baker Bicycle Club:
This message is long overdue and I apologize for its delay.
As of early 2022, no one has yet stepped into necessary MBBC leadership positions. Therefore the MBBC board has decided to continue to keep the club inactive until a group of three or more dedicated people are willing to become new leaders and core board members. At the minimum, the roles of president, secretary/VP, and treasurer must be filled. These new leaders can then begin to revive the club.
I have had people express interest in joining the board, but no one is willing to become the president and assume leadership. The role of president is really more about being the face of the club, organizing, and delegating. It is not a huge time commitment, though it may be at the start, and at times during the year.
I would be happy to get things moving again, but cannot do so unless we have a new team ready and committed to come onboard and take over.
There are various cyclists in the area getting out to ride as individuals in 2022, not affiliated with the MBBC. Some riders meet on Tuesdays in spring and summer for an evening ride, and some meet on Wednesdays. Unfortunately, these rides will be for experienced riders and not suitable for those new to group riding. If you're interested in the details, contact me.
We will potentially have a "friends of the MBBC" gathering (an unofficial ride and meet for beers afterward) this summer. Tentatively scheduled for Sunday July 11, with time and place to be determined. If this gathering gets organized, the details will be put up on the MBBC Facebook page.
If you are interested in finding out more about MBBC leadership, please contact me at
Hilary Higgins
Former president, Mount Baker Bicycle Club
Bellingham, Washington

The MBBC was the presenter of the annual Chuckanut Classic bicycle ride. Future status of the Chuckanut Classic is unknown at this time.