Mount Baker Bicycle Club

and the Chuckanut Classic ride for Our Treehouse

Status of the Mount Baker Bicycle Club, 2021

The Mount Baker Bicycle Club (MBBC), in Bellingham and Whatcom County, Washington, has been inactive since mid-2020, originally due to COVID restrictions.
Please read the following message from the acting MBBC president regarding current and future status of the club.

Dear friends and members of the Mount Baker Bicycle Club:
As you may know, the MBBC activities have been suspended during the past year of Covid restrictions. Many have been asking when the MBBC weekly rides are going to start up again as so many people are eager to ride together again. Well, I would love for weekly rides and other club activities to resume but the club has a serious lack of volunteers and a leadership vacuum, not to mention lack of ride leaders. I have been trying to pass the club leader responsibilities to someone new for quite some time now, even prior to Covid. And once Covid made club activities impossible and the MBBC became inactive, there has not been the opportunity to find a new president and to recruit new board members. This is often an issue with all-volunteer organizations such as the MBBC.
Now, as Covid restrictions are being lifted, naturally, we all want to ride together again. At this time, the MBBC needs leadership, and its board of directors needs new active members. Therefore, the MBBC will remain inactive until a number of people are willing to step up and restart club activities within the state's Covid rules. We need someone to take on the work of president and recruit new board members, inject some new blood and new ideas to revitalize the club. I would be happy to provide support during a transition period but ultimately, for activities to start, the club needs a dedicated leader and board of directors, ready and willing to take on some time-consuming responsibilities. Anyone out there ready to take the reins? If so, please contact me at
Hilary Higgins
Acting president, Mount Baker Bicycle Club
Bellingham, Washington

The MBBC is the presenter of the Chuckanut Classic bicycle ride, which was cancelled in 2020 and will not be held in 2021. Future status of the Chuckanut Classic is unknown at this time.