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Thursday rides from Trackside

Published on 8/8/2023
Mount Baker Bicycle Club member Bob Dinehart has begun leading tours of Bellingham on Thursdays. Join Bob on a different route each week and see the town from a bike.

Bob test rides all of his routes and plans about a 90-minute ride that is 18-22 miles depending on the route. Expect to share the road with other users, see some quiet side roads, great bike routes, and amazing views of Bellingham.

The ride meets at the parking lot across from the Acid Ball at Waypoint Park in Bellingham, and the riders depart at 6 p.m. The ride ends at the containers nearby, which feature refreshments for all ages as well as food and other treats.

New routes are posted to RidewithGPS each week if you want to preview them. All of the ride details can be found on the Thursdays from Trackside event on our calendar.

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