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Post ride notices via email

Christopher Casquilho | Published on 8/16/2023
Members of the Mount Baker Bicycle Club can use their email to post and receive messages about upcoming rides.

The Forums - which can be accessed by members when logged in - are a great place to share news and information about upcoming rides, carpools, find a riding buddy, and let people know about last-minute changes or cancellations to rides.

If you're thinking about going for a ride in the next couple of days, and you'd like to find some folks to come along, you can try emailing That will post your message to the Post Rides forum. Everyone who is subscribed to receive email alerts for the Post Ride forum will get a notice.

If the club has a last minute change to a ride due to weather, road closure, (or a new bakery opening!), members can both subscribe to and post these messages by emailing

You can also post directly to these or any other Forum; but you will only get emails from the Forum if you set that up. You can also decide to get emails as soon as they are posted, or only once each day. The once-daily option doesn't send an email if there are no posts that day.

Forums have few buttons to click to get them setup for you to enjoy, but it's worth spending a few minutes learning how to use Forums.

If you have any trouble getting started or logging on to the site, feel free to email and we'll get you taken care of.

Keep pedaling!