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Mt. Baker Bike Club on Zwift

Christopher Casquilho | Published on 1/22/2024
Mt. Baker Bike Club is now on Zwift! Join us on our next ride, or let other MBBC members know you're on a ride! The name of the Zwift club is "MBBC Zwifters".

If you're already a Zwifter, follow these steps:

Ask to follow one of our MBBC Zwifters ride leaders (currently Hilary Higgins or Mark Owings) on Zwift. They will approve your follow request and will make you a member of the MBBC Zwifters club on Zwift. Then keep an eye out in your Zwift Companion App for club chats and club rides. Also, if you are willing, please volunteer to become a ride leader.

If you're new to Zwift or Zwift-curious, follow these steps to join an MBBC Zwift ride:

MBBC Zwifters club rides are open only to club members (members of MBBC Zwifters, that is). So, if you want to join on these rides, first of all join MBBC and then follow the instructions above to join the Zwift club. If you are not yet on Zwift, it’s easy peasy. All you need is a smart trainer, a TV, tablet, laptop, or phone, and a Zwift account.


Mt. Baker Bike Club is planning to begin offer weekly rides during the winter months. We'll post those on the events calendar and email an announcement to club members. If you have questions about MBBC membership, write us. If you have questions about Zwift, contact Zwift support or feel free to ask any MBBC member who is already a Zwifter. They would be happy to help.

Rides will generally be limited to 10-12 riders to make them more manageable. If demand increases beyond capacity, we'll work with the MBBC Zwifters to find leaders to run more rides.


Communication on Zwift rides uses an app called Discord. Feel free to pick the brains of MBBC members who are Discord users. It seems a bit tough to navigate at first, but eventually becomes second nature.

Communication about rides, ride planning, tips, tricks, and so on will be on our website Zwift forum.