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Top Ten Reasons to be a Mt. Baker Bicycle Club Ride Leader

Bob Dinehart | Published on 2/11/2024
  1. Share the love of bicycling and inspire others to ride their bicycle.
  2. Help bicycle riders build confidence in their cycling skills and develop into avid bicycle riders.
  3. Enjoy the outdoor beauty and fresh air of Bellingham and beyond.
  4. Volunteer! A Ride Leader is making a non-monetary contribution to give back to their bike club and their community.
  5. You’ll Get Stronger as a Cyclist! It’s almost a Guarantee the Cyclists on your Group Rides will get Stronger!
  6. It’s fun and you meet people, make new friends, ride with like-minded people, expand your pool of riding partners.
  7. Group cycling is addictive, collaborative, fun, and above all social. Group cycling is a great activity for body, mind, and soul. You promote and enjoy group camaraderie.
  8. Create, design, and choose bike routes that are fun and interesting. It’s like hosting a party at your favorite venue (outdoors on a bicycle).
  9. You can create unique “Theme Rides” or “Series Rides”. For examples: Bakery/Pastry Ride, Coffee Ride, Brewery Ride, etc. As an MBBC Ride Leader, you can create and host Road rides or Gravel rides.
  10. Group riding is safer! Groups of riders are a lot more visible.
If you're interested in Ride Leader training, you can check our Events Calendar for upcoming classes, or email us.